Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moses stepped on the keyboard

....while attempting to get on my lap and his feet took me here. I managed to read one page of posts without dissolving in tears and realized that blogging this may be a good thing. I had forgotten much of the stories that I wrote about and some of it deserves to be remembered. As I just told Timmy, I am interested in joining his gestational prose group, so perhaps I will start keeping this journal again.

Unable to sleep, I am watching the world grow lighter to gloomy skies which may turn into heat and sunshine later. I am wearing my Key West t-shirt, green panties which match the parrot and smoking, of course. No, despite my intentions, I have not yet quit the destructive habit. Eli is under the bed asleep and Moses, after his escape attempt last night, is now at his new post by the door, after having received the desired head loves he wanted.

While reading, I was struck by the sadness that seems to have been a consistent aura around my life for five years now. It does not get better and I am surrounded with new concerns. And stll dragging around so many of the old.

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