Monday, May 28, 2007

Flying with Lily

I dreamed...
  • I was lost in a city
  • a mugger wanted my cell phone
  • I was screaming
  • my phone broke
  • a policeman wouldn't help me
  • I ran into a factory
  • there was a wedding in the basement
  • the bridegrooom stole my cherry wallet
  • he used my credit card for his honeymoon
  • I was locked in the basement
  • I had no phone, no money
  • Tony came to save me
  • we escaped
  • Tony disappeared
  • I was flying with Lily in my arms
  • a golden retriever was flying with us
  • bad guys were chasing us
  • we flew around the city
  • I was afraid to fly over the water
  • Lily was cold
  • the water was endless
  • we were getting too tired to fly
  • I thought I might drop her
  • we flew inside a hamburger stand
  • no one was hungry
  • the bad guys were outside

I tried to wake up

  • my mother was home
  • we heard glass break
  • she got into my bed


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