Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Million Bells

...are ringing in the wind that has darkened the day, ruby and topaz blooms, violent greens.

  • Eli was a dandelion puff rolling on the cut grass, under my legs now, waiting for thunder.

  • I have done nothing for my birthday I didn't feel like doing.

  • I hardboiled eggs and ate one. Just the yellow part.

  • I ate French toast with strawberries for breakfast and filled my eyes with Bradley Moak.

  • Egan had two ice creams and a lollipop at the school bazaar. His tongue was blue.

  • I don't know what Maddix and Lily did.

  • T-rex zapped people with a hand grenade.

  • Lauren found love.

  • Tonight I will put on some jammies and watch Desperate Housewives.

  • Maybe with popcorn. And some Zero.

  • I will restart my life slowly. Tomorrow. This week.

  • I'll see how it goes.

  • Maybe I will try harder.

  • I don't want to promise.

The Birthday Girl

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